Scientists: Nail Biting is Equal to Vaccination

Parents always earnestly try to warn their children against bad habits. There's hardly a kid who from the earliest age was not told about all those nasty microbes living under our nails and how bad for us nail biting is.  

However, Canadian scientists have debunked this myth recently and say that actually this habit is healthy, Med Heal portal reports.

Diogenes: The ancient Greek philosopher who was the first to give the finger!


Diogenes the Cynic, the ancient Greek philosopher, was probably the man who invented “the finger” insult.

The historian of philosophy Diogenes Laertios wrote that the cynical philosopher Diogenes made the gesture to orator Demosthenes in the 4th century BC in Athens.

Athens assists Paris in terror probe

Greek authorities have sent France's General Directorate for External Security fingerprints, photographs and other data pertaining to 180,000 refugees and migrants who passed through Greece in the period between August 1 and November 12, 2015, just before a deadly terrorist attack in Paris that claimed 130 lives and left 700 people injured.