Fire extinguisher

Large Scale Fire at TPP-Sliven, the Extinction of the Flames Continues

A big fire broke out last night at the District Heating Company - Sliven, and the extinguishing continues. According to information from the last minute, a fire is burning in the "Druzhba" quarter of Sofia. It is supposed that the flames are caused by the ignition of tires. Above the neighborhood there is thick dark smoke.

Two Passenger Coaches Caught on Fire on a Train from Sofia to Burgas in Konyovo

Two coaches on a fast passenger train caught on fire at Konyovo station between Nova Zagora and Yambol.
The report of the incident was filed around 20.02. Two fire-fighting teams arrived on the scene and began extinguish the fire. Other teams of the fire brigade, police, ambulances and BDZ staff are traveling to the scene.

SHOCKING! The moment a flare burns through a woman’s leg! (disturbing VIDEO)

A shocking video shows the moments of agony a woman is suffering after being hit by a stray navy flare, reportedly fired from anarchists after the riots in downtown Athens. The woman can be seen screaming surrounded by firefighters who are desperately trying to extinguish the flare burning in her leg.

Video from a Gas Station in Bulgaria Becomes Viral on Social Media Around the World

An incident took place at a petrol station in Sofia. In a video that was uploaded on Youtube and Facebook and caused a wave of furious comments, the main actor is a young man who leaves his car, stops at the fuel filling station and stands beside it smoking a cigarette, notes Monitor.

Fraport submits list with damages to airports

Fraport, which in April signed a 1.23 billion euro deal to operate 14 regional airports in Greece, could seek compensation from the Greek state for damage to buildings and infrastructure that allegedly occurred during the takeover.

Kathimerini understands that the company has submitted an itemized list of the damages to the Civil Aviation Authority.