Fire suppression

Prosecutor's Office in Russia: The Forests in Siberia Were Deliberately Ignited to Cover Illegal Logging

Eco-activists say nearly irreparable damage to the nature has been done in the region of Siberia.

The huge fires that swept the Siberian forests were deliberately ignited. This was stated by the Russian prosecutor's office.

Investigators say the fire, which covered two and a half million hectares, was lit to cover up illegal logging.

Hospitals workers raise alarm about inadequate fire safety

Most hospitals in Greece are not adequately protected against fires, according to the national union of public hospital workers, POEDIN.
In a statement on Monday, POEDIN said that just 10 hospitals have fire safety certificates, and that even in those cases there are areas of the hospitals not covered by the safety certificates.

Video from a Gas Station in Bulgaria Becomes Viral on Social Media Around the World

An incident took place at a petrol station in Sofia. In a video that was uploaded on Youtube and Facebook and caused a wave of furious comments, the main actor is a young man who leaves his car, stops at the fuel filling station and stands beside it smoking a cigarette, notes Monitor.