President Iohannis emphasizes importance of prevention culture among population on Firefighters' Day

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday that as Romania comes to face civilian emergencies, firefighters' missions will become increasingly difficult and stressed the importance of fostering a culture of prevention among the population.

PM Citu on Firefighters' Day: They are fulfilling their mission as saviors with impressive professionalism, dedication

Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulated the firefighters and underscored "their dedication and professionalism" in carrying out their mission as rescuers, in a message sent on the occasion of the Firefighters' Day in Romania.

Some 36 women to be Istanbul’s first female firefighters

Some 36 women, who finished their five-month training, will begin service at the Metropolitan Fire Department next week, becoming Istanbul's first female firefighters.


"We will show that Turkish women exist in firefighting, too," Hakan Karabulut, the deputy of Firefighting Training Center (İBİTEM), told the Demirören News Agency.

PM Citu: Romanian firefighters who acted in Greece did an excellent job

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulated the Romanian firefighters who acted to extinguish wildfires in Greece, saying that they "did an excellent job." "A new mission successfully accomplished in Greece. Our firefighters have once again done an excellent job. Congratulations on all their effort and courage!