Some 36 women to be Istanbul’s first female firefighters

Some 36 women, who finished their five-month training, will begin service at the Metropolitan Fire Department next week, becoming Istanbul's first female firefighters.


"We will show that Turkish women exist in firefighting, too," Hakan Karabulut, the deputy of Firefighting Training Center (İBİTEM), told the Demirören News Agency.

Slovenia donates firefighting equipment to N Macedonia

Ljubljana – Slovenia dispatched EUR 76,000-worth of firefighting equipment to North Macedonia on Friday. The shipment includes special firefighting backpacks, chainsaws and firebrooms, the Foreign Ministry said.

Slovenian firefighters recently helped their Macedonian colleagues fight wildfires and saw first-hand that the latter do not have enough equipment.

Four tourist boats engulfed in flames

While Turkey's Mediterranean resorts have just emerged out of a massive wildfire disaster, four tourist sailing boats in Antalya's Alanya district caught fire, in which two of them burned to death.

A fire broke out late Aug. 15. on a boat named Mozi 07 that was anchored in an Alanya fisherman's shelter, spreading to three neighboring vessels.

Conflagration – The “domino” that burned 130,000 hectares of forest

The fire in Varybobi caused a catastrophe in Northern Evia. The salvation of Ancient Olympia led to the uncontrolled resurgence in Varybobi, the difficult containment of which increased the destruction in the Municipalities of Mantoudi and Istiaia. And the effort to reduce the burning areas in Limni, Kapandriti, and Gortynia increased the line of fire in Gythio and Melpeia, in Messinia.

Bulgaria: Big Fire in Krstava Village

Massive fire burnt down multiple houses in the village of Krstava, Velingrad municipality, Southern Bulgaria, on August 14. No one has been injured. The material damages are huge.

6 houses and several agricultural buildings burned down in the fire. For hours, firefighters, volunteers, forestry workers and residents from the village were fighting to put out the blaze.