Southern Serbia in flames

Stara Planina has been on fire since Sunday, with nearly 140 firefighters from across Serbia fighting it on extremely inaccessible terrain, along with the members of the Gendarmerie.
They mostly walk a few miles to the place, RTS reports. Pirot City Emergency Management Coordinator Sreten Savov said the situation was changing from hour to hour.

At Least 19 People Died in a Factory Fire in China

At least 19 people were killed and three were injured in a fire that broke out early Monday at a production facility in eastern China's Zhejiang province.

The fire broke out at a consumer goods factory shortly after 1:00 pm local time. Despite the rapid response of emergency teams, there are many casualties, BGNES reported.

Fire threatening homes in coastal town near Athens contained

A fire that threatened homes at the coastal town of Lagonissi south of the Greek capital Athens was contained before it damaged residences, the fire brigade said.
Earlier on Friday the fire brigade ordered the evacuation of residents in the coastal suburb, about 30 km (20 miles) south of Athens.

Fire Safety Week Begins

Despite the tense operational situation in the country, over 2000 fires have been extinguished in the last seven days. For the next year, firefighters across the country will hold Fire Safety Week. Traditionally, various initiatives will be organized to raise the culture of people for safe fire behaviour and other incidents.

100 Tonnes of Sunflower Seed Destroyed by Fire in Silo in Varna

100 tonnes of sunflower seed was destroyed in a fire that broke in a silo in the village of Blaskovo near Varna, said the press office of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. The incident was reported yesterday around 04.39 pm. Two firefighting crews arrived at the scene.

250 Acres of Oak Forest and Pastures Burned near Vetren

250 acres of oak forest and pastures burned yesterday near Vetren. The fire started from the old landfill of the city, which, according to the district government, should be safe. Throughout the night, firefighting teams from Pazardzhik and Belovo, as well as forestry officials, kepт a sharp eye on the flames. At the moment the fire is localized, but the smoke is settling over Vetren