Highly toxic invasive fish spreading in Aegean sea

Populations of the lagocephalus sceleratus, commonly known as the silver-cheeked toadfish, which in recent years have spread across the Aegean and the Mediterranean, could lead to death if consumed, according to marine biologists.

The fish, described as a "highly toxic invasive fish," entered the Mediterranean from the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal.

In recent Years, Dozens of Fish Species have Disappeared from the Black Sea

The stocks of predatory fish in the Black Sea have decreased over 20 times for the last 25-30 years. This was said to Darik by former Minister of Environment and Trade and Tourism Valentin Vasilev.

In recent years, there have been dozens of fish species missing from the Black Sea - mackerel, plaice, rarely encountered is also sea bass, Vassilev said.

Ice Fishing Pros Compete in Bulgaria

They battled with snow drifts and waded through knee-deep slush to get to their competition ground on a frozen lake in Bulgaria's southern Rhodope mountains, reports AFP. 

The world's ice angling pros converged this weekend on the Shiroka Polyana lake, 1,500 metres above sea level, to face off at the 16th annual Ice Fishing World Championship.