World sex statistics: Find out why Greek lovers are still the best!

So far studies have shown that Greek libidos are flagging as a result of the country’s economic crisis, however new research published in Thrillist has come to disprove the notion! Dr. Simon Hardy of the University of Worcester states that the downturn in the economy hasn’t affected the confidence level of Greeks at all in his study “The Greeks, Eroticism and Ourselves.”

Turkey's language body raises eyebrows with sexist definition of 'available'

The Turkish Language Institute?s (TDK) definition of the word ?available? has raised eyebrows in the country, with the TDK accused of using sexist remarks.

Explaining the meaning of the word ?müsait,? a Turkish word of Arabic origin meaning ?available,? the TDK said the second meaning of the word was a ?(woman) who is available to flirt with and can easily flirt.?