Scientists have Discovered a Sunken Prehistoric City

"Doggerland," a territory that occupies the southern part of the North Sea and connects the UK with mainland Europe, scientists called open remains of ancient civilization.
British scientists from the University of Bradford have discovered in the North Sea the remains of a massive civilization, reported by Live Science.

Anti-flood works in Mandra to be ready by summer

Flood prevention works were underway in Mandra, western Attica, where 25 people died in flash flooding in November 2017. Attica Governor Rena Dourou visited the site of the works on Tuesday, which aim to bolster the banks of the Aghia Aikaterini and Soures streams and rebuild a section of highway that was destroyed in 2017. The works are expected to have been completed by summer.

Damning report on Attica floods

A months-long investigation into the causes of catastrophic floods in Mandra, western Attica, in November 2017, which killed 25, injured 13 and caused massive damage to homes and infrastructure, has pointed to negligence by local and regional authorities, noting that no flood prevention works had been carried out to avert such a disaster.

Search continues for farmer missing in Crete floods

The search for a 61-year-old livestock farmer who went missing during flooding on Monday in Hania, Crete, resumed at first light on Tuesday.

The father of five has been missing since Monday afternoon, when his car was reportedly swept away in a flash flood in the area of Apokorona as he was driving to check on his animals during a storm.