Folli – Follie: Σε δίκη παραπέμπονται ο Γκότσης, ο Τζώρτζης Κουτσολιούτσος και ο διευθυντής ασφαλείας της εταιρείας

Για την συγκριμένη υπόθεση είχαν καταθέσει μήνυση στην εισαγγελία 19 μέτοχοι της Folli Follie

House to debate Pappas’ role in TV license scandal

The Justice Ministry on Wednesday forwarded the case file containing the findings of an investigation into Nikos Pappas, the digital governance minister in the former SYRIZA-led government, to Parliament, which will debate the merit of accusations concerning his role in a contentious auction for TV licenses in 2016.

SYRIZA MPs file criminal complaint over Folli Follie email leaks

Three lawmakers of the main opposition filed a criminal complaint on Thursday against a former executive of troubled Greek jewellery maker Folli Follie concerning a series of leaked company emails which insinuate political interference to protect the company from regulatory oversight.

Folli Follie report unveils 17-year scam

The troubled Folli Follie company's major shareholders, the Koutsolioutsos family, reaped the benefits of a well-orchestrated fraud scheme that lasted for at least 17 years, under the nose of the supervisory authorities, generating hundreds of millions of euros in profits, according to an audit report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Scandal and punishment

It was clear that the case of Greek jewelry maker Folli Follie was not just about its shareholders.

It concerned the overall credibility of the Greek market. 

The supervisory institutions proved incapable of clearing up the case and the price was high for the country's image. 

SYRIZA ministers, PM's office linked to Folli Follie scandal

A report by an auditing firm forwarded to the Athens prosecutor's office handling the investigation into the scandal involving the Folli Follie jewelry company has implicated two ministers of the former SYRIZA government, which are mentioned by name, as well as the prime minister's office.

Folli Follie: Οι Κουτσολιούτσοι αναζήτησαν πολιτική προστασία μετά την αποκάλυψη του σκανδάλου

Folli Follie: Οι Κουτσολιούτσοι αναζήτησαν πολιτική προστασία μετά την αποκάλυψη του σκανδάλου