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Slovenia’s beer trade on the rise

Ljubljana – Beer lovers, brewers, hop growers and pub owners will celebrate International Beer Day on Friday. Last year, there were 68 companies in Slovenia with beer production as their main activity, compared to only 12 in 2010, according to the Statistics Office. According to 2018 data, Slovenians consume 26 litres of beer at home on average per year.

AGERPRES to mount photography exhibition at new edition of Cea1 Borsec Festival

A new edition of Cea1 Borsec Festival will take place between July 30 and August 1, "in the most beautiful hidden resort in Transylvania," according to organisers, with the AGERPRES National News Agency scheduled to mount a new photography exhibition called "Nature in Pictures" as part of the event.

Turkey is rich for sustainable gastronomy tourism: Culinary expert

Turkey offers a table of abundant resources for sustainable gastronomy tourism, according to a Turkish culinary expert who says authenticity should be preserved to maintain it.

"To make the most of this potential, we should make the preservation of the local gastronomic heritage our focus," Zeynep Kakınç, chair of the Istanbul-based Gastronomic Society of Turkey, told Anadolu Agency.