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Big “Potato Fraud” Exposed in Bulgaria

Large food chains and vegetable exchanges in Bulgaria sell German and French potatoes as Bulgarian production and thus mislead their customers, National Potato Growers Association alerted. They have submitted complaints to the National Revenue Agency, Consumer Protection Commission and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency with a request for inspection.

Special offers on food lead to more household waste

Special offers on food items have led to an increase in the amount of waste produced by households as consumers purchase more than what they need, according to research conducted by the Agriculture Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

More specifically, 72% of consumers buy more food than necessary as they are lured by offers.

İrem Günaydın’s ‘Salad Cake’ exhibition at The Pill Gallery

İrem Günaydın's exhibition titled "Salad Cake" at Istanbul's The Pill Contemporary Art Gallery approaches the two main disciplines of art history, which are painting and sculpture, around a letter written by the artist. In the exhibition, painting and sculpture come close to each other in a two-and-a-half dimensional setup.

Vučić: Now I pretend to be cooking, tomorrow discussing key political issues PHOTO

"On the penultimate day of 2020, I pretend to participate in the preparation of fantastic Serbian specialties, prebranac (Serbain baked beans), stuffed peppers, vegetable pies and the best soups. I am grateful to these wonderful cooks who took care of us in this difficult year," Vui wrote on Instagram.

Bulgarian Nutritionist: Eat Regular Meals to Be in Good Shape

Nutritionist Stoyan Petkov shared some useful tips as to how stay in good shape when working from home.

"If you have taken care of your body throughout the year, holiday eating spree will hardly do you much harm. It is not good to say "no" to some foods because we are very likely to eat something else instead and in greater amounts at that, Petkov advised.