Food industry

NSI: Potatoes' Price Went up by Nearly 50% for a Year

The agricultural producer price index increased by 5.3%  for the second quarter of 2019 compared to the same quarter of 2018, the NSI reported. The price index of crop production increased by 5.8% and of livestock production - by 4.6%. Compared to the previous year, prices of agricultural products increased by 4.1%, in crop production by 4.9% and in animal husbandry - by 3.0%.

Supermarket sales up, special offers down

Supermarket revenue during the first half of 2019 rose 3.4 percent compared to the same period last year.
Foodstuffs, especially frozen foods and snacks, accounted for most of that increase.
The quantity, or volume, of sales increased much less, as supermarket chains limited the number of special offers sold in order to boost profitability.

State of Emergency Declared in Silistra Because of African Swine Fever

From July 31 to Monday, August 5, a state of emergency was declared in the Northern Bulgarian region of Silistra because of a confirmed case of African Swine Fever in a pig-breeding farm in the village of Popina. The Regional Food Safety Directorate will organize a 12-hour inspection at slaughterhouses in Dulovo, Tutrakan, and Sitovo in the area.

Prices of Agricultural Land in Bulgaria Rose with 12% in 2018

The average price of the fields increased by 12.6 per cent in 2018 compared to the previous year, while a decare of agricultural land reached 941 levs before 2018, a growth of 7.9 per cent. The rental income has increased by 4.3 percent to 48 leva per hectare, according to data from the National Statistics Institute announced on Wednesday. Permanent grassland, however, declined by 16.8%.

Vegetable Producers Protest Against Low Purchase Prices of Tomatoes

Vegetable producers from the region of the southwestern Bulgaria's towns Sandanski and Petrich protest against the low purchase prices of tomatoes which are grown under glass. The price of vegetables is lower than last year. As a reason, they indicate the import of tomatoes from Greece and Macedonia.

Mars Launches Four New Products in Bulgaria

One of the world's leading food production company - the American, Mars, plans to release four new brands in the Bulgarian market in 2019. One of them is in the chewing gum segment, where the group is a market leader. With it in the coming months will appear more brand chocolate desserts, as well as two pet products. This was made clear during a press conference organized by the company.