"Certain embassies supported them"; "Billions invested in fighting me"

"They had a lot of apartments that served as their shelters, situated in the vicinity of certain embassies, which was unbelievable for me," Vucic announced.
"The prosecutor is very satisfied. He is dissatisfied with the content of the case, of course. But that story is over, case closed," he said.
He pointed out that many DNA traces were found on the spot.

Confectionery keeps 157-year-old Turkish delight tradition alive

Hafız Mustafa, one of Istanbul's most famous confectioneries, continues its world-famous Turkish delight tradition with its 157-year-old recipe.

The sweetshop was established in 1864 by İsmail Hakkı Bey in the Bahçekapı neighborhood of Istanbul's Fatih district, where he started to make rock candy.

Slovenia does not wish to be constrained in CAP strategic plans

Ljubljana – EU agriculture ministers debated Monday and Tuesday the preparation of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plans. Slovenia welcomed the EU Commission’s recommendations but warned that countries may not be restricted in the selection of measures, Minister Jože Podgoršek said.

DW: Why is Bulgaria So Dirty?

The travelers around our lands probably feel as if they found themselves in a hospital room of a patient with depressive disorder: the bed is unmade, a musty bowl of yogurt by the window, flies buzzing around the chamber pot. Any doctor will tell you: one of the signs of depression is the loss of desire to keep things around you tidy.

Ministry lists best 10 mezes in Turkish cuisine

Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry has introduced a list of top 10 appetizers along with delights of Turkish cuisine, gastronomic routes and must-visit restaurants on its official GoTurkey website.

Introducing Turkey's tourism and cultural diversity to the world, the website has started to feature the richness of Turkish cuisine to let visitors get the authentic taste of Turkey.