Today Is the European Chocolate Day

7 July is the European Chocolate Day. The date was chosen because at that time in 1550 the first batch of chocolate from America to Spain was delivered. The Aztecs called the cocoa beans a "food for the gods" and used them as a means of payment. The chocolate is one of the most popular foods, and the likelihood of ever getting out of fashion is zero.

Too much hypocrisy

A successful advertisement is invariably one that becomes a topic of conversation, that provokes reactions and goes viral. Whether an advert is good or bad, politically correct or not, vulgar or sexist is something quite different and is related to one's aesthetic standards - in short it is a matter of opinion.

Interesting Folklore Programme and Authentic Recipes for the Visitors to the Yoghurt Festival in Western Bulgaria

Visitors to the Yoghurt Festival will enjoy an interesting folklore programme and authentic recipes, Deputy Mayor of Tran Municipality Katya Bozhidarova told Focus Radio. Not only farmers and small producers, but also domestic producers who use authentic recipes are invited to the fest, Bozhidarova said.