Mars Launches Four New Products in Bulgaria

One of the world's leading food production company - the American, Mars, plans to release four new brands in the Bulgarian market in 2019. One of them is in the chewing gum segment, where the group is a market leader. With it in the coming months will appear more brand chocolate desserts, as well as two pet products. This was made clear during a press conference organized by the company.

The Second Largest Pizza Chain in the World with Business in Bulgaria Opens Another 10 000 Sites

The Domino`s pizza chain, which has a franchise in Bulgaria, aims to expand its business to 25,000 sites and to increase its market share.

This means that the food company needs to find another 10,000 sites for more than 85 markets today to reach the planned number of establishments, CNBC said.

Souvlaki price to increase by 10-15 percent

Souvlaki, the traditional Greek fast food popular among locals and visitors alike, will soon suffer a 10-15 percent price hike, kebab shop owners are warning.

The reason for this sudden increase - which could take prices up to 3 euros per pitta-wrapped kebab - is the significant rise in the price of pork, which the meat industries and kebab shop owners can no longer absorb.

Bulgarians Consume the Least Fruit and Vegetables in the EU According to Eurostat

Our country ranks at the bottom of the EU by the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed, according to data from Eurostat's analysis of the consumption of these products in the EU countries in 2017.
Only about 37 percent of Bulgarians consume fruits every day, and 45 percent of our compatriots eat vegetables on a daily basis, according to European statistics.