Staikoura touts benefits of up to eight billion euros in liquidity from EU pandemic package for Greece  

Finance minister Christos Staikouras welcomed the results of the historic Eurogroup pandemic rescue package which he depicted as a satisfactory but hardly optimal compromise.

Staikouras said that Greece's three main demands were met.

The first is direct liquidity for businesses which will not be laid out through banks.

Appealing to the political center

The political quarrel between Adonis Georgiadis and the center-left Movement for Change alliance (KINAL) following the conservative development and investments minister's remarks regarding measures protecting primary residences against foreclosure has in a peculiar way underscored the need for a reliable centrist party as a tool for monitoring, evaluating and comparing political and economic de

Iconic Antalya hotel put up for sale

A luxury hotel with 553 rooms and 1,209 beds in the resort town of Kemer will be auctioned for a minimum value of 144 million Turkish Liras (nearly $24.4 million).

The appraised value of the property, which also includes thousands of trees and ornamental plants, is twice as much of the minimum auction value, according to a report prepared as part of a foreclosure decree.

European Commission approves Greek home foreclosure protection plan

The European Commission has approved a plan for the protection from foreclosure of the primary residence of those who have delinquent mortgage loans.

According to the announcement of the Commission the annual budget for the implementation of the plan is 132mn euros.

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