Foreign ministers of Albania

Albania Gripped by Anti-Government Unrest: Clashes and Arrests Rock Tirana

Tensions escalated in Albania as anti-government protests erupted into clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement in the capital city of Tirana. Thousands of supporters of the opposition Democratic Party converged outside the parliament building, demanding the immediate release of party leader Sali Berisha, who has been under house arrest since December 31 on charges of corruption.

Rama made a purge in his cabinet

Among others, he dismissed the head of diplomacy, Olta Xhacka, the Albanian Post reports.
Rama asked the President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, to pass a decree on this matter, and it was announced that he will present the changes to Begaj today.
Olta Daka will no longer be the Minister of European and Foreign Affairs and Igli Hasani will be appointed to that position.

Albania Ruling Party Postpones Controversial Lustration Legislation

Sigurimi files in an exhibition in Tirana. Photo: LSA.

MPs from the governing Socialist Party on Monday decided to postpone approval of changes in two laws intended to ban people from running for parliament who collaborated with the Communist-era Sigurimi secret service after an intervention by the EU's ambassador to Tirana.

Ethnic Greek mayor unable to attend swearing-in ceremony in Himare

The swearing-in ceremony for the elected mayor of Himare in Albania, Fredi Beleri, is scheduled for Tuesday but cannot take place while he still remains in custody.

According to Albanian legislation a deputy mayor, appointed by a council of ministers controlled by the ruling Socialist Party, will have to take office.

Albanian Opposition Faces Obstacle to Entering Local Election Race

The temporary resignation of the former leader of the opposition Democratic Party Lulzim Basha in March last year has prevented the party from registering for the May local elections.

This is because some key documents submitted to the Central Elections Commission, CEC, should have had his signature.