Foreign ministers of Albania

‘They are Humans’: Albania Memorializes Dramatic Exodus to Italy

This wasn't the first mass escape from Albania. A few months before, on March 6, 1991, several thousand more Albanians reached Italy after seizing cargo ships in the ports.

A year earlier, on July 1990, some 5,000 others took refuge in foreign embassies in the capital, Tirana. Thousands more crossed the land border to Greece.

Albania Arrests Ruling Party Mayor for Abuse of Office

The Special Prosecution said on Tuesday that the mayor of the western city of Lushnja, Fatos Tushe, a member of the ruling Socialist Party, has been arrested alongside five other senior officials on graft charges.

They are accused of abuse of office and "violating the equality of participants in public tenders or auctions", the prosecution said.

US, EU Monitors Urge Dismissal of Tirana’s Top Prosecutor

The International Monitoring Operation, created to oversee a vetting process in Albania launched under EU and US pressure in 2017, issued a decision saying Tirana chief prosecutor Elizabeta Imeraj "has significantly jeopardised public trust in the judicial system" and should be removed from the post.

Albania President Rejects Parliament’s Vote to Oust Him

Albanian MPs on Wednesday voted to oust the country's president, Ilir Meta, though the final decision on the issue must go to the Constitutional Court, which will conclude if Meta will be removed from office before his term ends in until 2022.

Some 104 lawmakers in the ruling Socialist-dominated chamber voted for dismissal while seven voted against. Three abstained.

‘Untold Story’: Dark Money, Israeli Advisers and an Albanian Election

The video was a crude example of a 'deep fake', a video that portrays someone saying something they didn't. And it was not the only political attack ad run by Untold Stories of Albania and targeting Basha and other opposition leaders before the April 25 vote that was won by the ruling Socialist of Prime Minister Edi Rama.