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Analysis: 2021 EU – Western Balkans Summit: EU Credibility in Western Balkans Undermined?

International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has analyzed the current political situation in Western Balkans in the context of the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit. Ifimes brings the most important and interesting excerpts from a comprehensive analysis titled "2021 EU - Western Balkans Summit: EU credibility in Western Balkans undermined?"

Greece Will not Support Bulgaria in Dispute with North Macedonia

Greece does not support Bulgaria on the obstacles it poses to the European perspective of North Macedonia, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

Mitsotakis emphasized that the forthcoming summit between the European Union and the countries of the Western Balkans must have a "clear message about the membership of specific countries".

Zorčič calls for clarity in EU enlargement to W Balkans

Brdo pri Kranju – Parliamentary Speaker Igor Zorčič hosted a meeting of parliamentary speakers from the Western Balkans on Monday, saying that the EU must give the region a clear signal on when it could expect EU accession. The speakers of the Serbian and Montenegrin parliaments also called for more clarity regarding the EU enlargement.

"People in the Balkans laugh even when we suffer, the Germans can't do that"

Participating in the Bled Strategic Forum, Albanian Prime Minister also criticized EU institutions for delays in enlargement.
"There is no future for Europe without the Western Balkans within the EU. If the EU continues like this, of course it will not be good for us, but it will be even worse for the EU," Rama said, as reported by the Kosovo Press.