Foreign relations of Russia

Urgent Warning: US Funds for Ukraine Depleting Rapidly

White House Budget Director Shalanda Young cautioned congressional leaders about dwindling funds for Ukraine in a letter to House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson. The allocated money for Ukraine assistance requested in October, around $106 billion, remains pending in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Putin offers way for Russians to 'swap' frozen assets

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Nov. 8 offering a way for Russian investors to "swap" their frozen assets abroad with the frozen assets of foreign companies in Russia.

Since the conflict in Ukraine, Western countries have introduced a barrage of sanctions against Moscow, blocking its banks from making international payments and freezing Russian assets abroad.

Bulgaria Allowed Russia to Earn 1 Billion Euros from the Oil Derogation

The Kremlin earned about 1 billion euros from the European derogation allowing Bulgaria to continue importing Russian oil.

Politico reports this, citing a joint investigation. It is the work of the non-governmental organization Global Witness, the Center for the Study of Democracy, the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research and the journalist Victor Jack.


Kirby, who is the coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council at the White House, explained that a decision by Congress on additional appropriations is necessary.

Greece’s trade deficit shrinks by 21% in July

Greece's trade deficit shrank by 21% in July as imports fell more than exports in the month, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said in a report on the country's merchandise trade.

The value of imports totaled 6.721 billion euros in July, down 17% from July 2022 (excluding oil products, imports fell 3.9%, while excluding oil products and ships, imports fell 4%).

Oil Tankers intended for Bulgaria are a Legitimate Military Target for the Ukrainian Army

Black Sea tankers traveling with crude oil for "Lukoil" from Novorossiysk to the "Rosenets" terminal near the Bulgarian city of Burgas are a legitimate military target of the Ukrainian army. This became clear from the words of Volodymyr Zelensky's economic advisor Oleg Ustenko.

Berlin and Paris ‘missing in action’ as EU lacks leadership in defense

A lack of leadership by countries such as Germany and France and narrow industrial interests keep Europe from boosting defense cooperation as warranted by Russia's war on Ukraine, a report by the Munich Security Conference stated on Wednesday.

"The crucial capability gap in European defense is still political leadership," the Munich Security Report on European Defense said.