Foreign relations of Ukraine

Vučić revealed whether Serbia intends to impose sanctions on Russia

"We are not boasting off or anything like that, but as you can see, my answer will continue to be that we will try to defend our position as long as possible. We managed to do that for two years. Whether we will continue to do that - I don't know, but I hope so'', said Vui in an interview with TASS Director General Andrey Kondrashov.

Ukrainian court authorizes seizure of assets of Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis

A Ukrainian court has confirmed a request from the country's government to seize the assets of Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis and his wife, Kyriaki.

In a statement posted on its website, the Ukrainian Justice Ministry said that the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine had accepted its request on Thursday to seize the Savvidis' assets in the country.

Ukraine envoy praises Cyprus support for sanctions on Russia

Cyprus is making an "extremely important" contribution in increasing sanctions pressure on Moscow, said Ukraine's ambassador to the east Mediterranean island, which was long in the spotlight for close business ties with Russia.

Cyprus all but severed those ties when it followed its European Union partners in slapping sanctions on Moscow over the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Bulgaria Urges EU Action on Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine

Bulgaria's Finance Minister, Asen Vassilev, actively participated in the first regular meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) for 2024 in Brussels. The meeting, chaired by the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU, outlined its financial and economic priorities for the initial six months of the year.

Exports drop a gear, but imports slow down further

Greek exports retreated for another month, coming to 4.42 billion euros this October compared with €4.85 billion in October 2022, including fuel products, per ELSTAT.

This 8.8% decrease is mainly due to a reduction in prices; however, it is also related to the decline in demand in several European countries and the war in the Middle East.

Bulgarian Trade Faces Downturn: Exports Decline by 6% and Imports by 10.5% in 2023's First 10 Months

Bulgaria grapples with a notable decline in its trade sector, as preliminary data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) reveals a significant downturn in exports and imports during the initial ten months of 2023.


Kirby, who is the coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council at the White House, explained that a decision by Congress on additional appropriations is necessary.

Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Middle East

The Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for 16 months already, has generated significant implications of the political scene of the Middle East, where the war has exposed the complexities of the calculations with which the states of the region are faced as a result of the escalation of international relations and the siding of the countries world-wide with one of the two groups - the gr