Foreign relations of Ukraine

Kuleba: Peace is Possible only with Sovereignty over the Entire Territory of Ukraine

"The only way to achieve peace in Ukraine is to restore Kyiv's sovereignty over the entire country," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in an interview with China's Xinhua news agency yesterday.

Kuleba said the process of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia has become much more difficult since the Istanbul meeting.

For the first time: EU bans the import of Coal and Vodka from Russia

The EU Council today adopted the fifth package of sanctions against Russia - the most severe so far. They were imposed because of the war against Ukraine.

For the first time, a ban has been imposed on the import of coal from Russia, as well as on the entry of Russian-flagged ships into EU ports. The ban also affects Russia's import of vodka from the EU.

Attention: Russia can exert influence on the Western Balkans

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that the EU Council last night supported the adoption of aid packages for Ukrainian military forces, new sanctions against Russia, diplomatic engagement aimed at isolating Russia, measures to support Ukraine and the region and the fight against misinformation.

MFA: Bulgaria Supports Restrictive Measures in Order to put Pressure on Russia

Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska took part in an extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states, held on the evening of February 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Steps to support Ukraine and provide humanitarian aid were discussed.