Freedom Convoy

Canadian Police Detain Leaders of the Freedom Convoy

Ottawa police detain two leaders of the so-called Freedom Convoy in an attempt to end weeks of protests against Covid restrictions in the Canadian capital, the BBC reported.

Tamara Lich was detained on Thursday night, before her, Chris Barber was arrested, and both are expected to be charged.

State of Emergency in Ottawa over the Freedom Convoy

Freedom Convoy: Resignation in Ottawa, Canada eases COVID measures

The chief of police in the Canadian capital Ottawa resigned 19 days after the start of the occupation of the center by the Freedom Convoy - the protest of truck drivers against the mandatory vaccination.

The resignation came after serious criticism over a prolonged blockade that halted traffic and hampered trade with the United States.

Justin Trudeau has Threatened to Freeze Protesters' Bank Accounts

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken an unprecedented step with the enactment of the Emergency Law because of the protests against the mandatory Covid vaccines, the BBC reported.

Trudeau said the measures would be "time-limited, reasonable and proportionate" - and ruled out military deployment.

Canada’s Trudeau invokes emergency powers to quell protests

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers Monday to quell the paralyzing protests by truckers and others angry over Canada's COVID-19 restrictions, outlining plans not only to tow away their rigs but to strike at their bank accounts and their livelihoods.

"These blockades are illegal, and if you are still participating, the time to go home is now," he declared.

Hundreds of vehicles on the highway - "Convoy of Freedom" headed to the capital VIDEO

The reason for this was a protest against COVID measures modeled on demonstrations in Canada.
Other protesters stood on overpasses and intersections as the so-called "Freedom Convoy" passed.
Israeli and Canadian flags and banners fluttered from the vehicle.

Armored vehicles and water cannons deployed; tear gas thrown, police arrests VIDEO

Protesters arrived in convoys from all over France, intending to enter the city in defiance of government bans determined to prevent any blockade of the capital.
Paris police have banned "freedom convoys" from entering the city this weekend as hundreds of vehicles set out from across France to block the capital.
Police stopped five hundred vehicles trying to enter Paris.

New Zealand Covid protest grows after police draw back

Protester numbers outside New Zealand's parliament swelled Friday as police scaled back efforts to clear anti-vaccine demonstrators involved in violent clashes a day earlier.

A festive mood prevailed at a makeshift tent settlement inhabitants have dubbed "Camp Freedom", with music and dancing as police looked on from behind barricades.