Freedom of the press

Turkey’s ‘Disinformation’ Law Will Devastate Media Freedom, Experts Predict

A protester blows a whistle and holds a slogan by Amnesty International reading, 'Free media cannot be silenced' near the Turkish embassy in Berlin, May 3, 2017. Photo: EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

The so-called disinformation law will increase government control and censorship in media and social media platforms, Orhan Sener, head of the Journalists' Union of Turkey's academy, said.

Limits of Human Rights are Being Tested on Journalists – Report From the Debate „Influence of New Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Technology on Freedom of Expression and the Media“

The OSCE ambassador underscored that the problem of surveillance and its impact on media freedoms is not just an issue for the Serbian government, but for European countries as well. Those who control information, control the future.

Big Tech Has Engineered the Triumph of Click-Bait in Media

What has changed is both how journalism makes money, and how articles are produced and shared.

Facebook. Photo: Unsplash

In the Balkans, where Facebook is the most-used social network, this tech giant, along with Google, have become a kind of landlord, renting out space to journalists.

EU Media Freedom Act: Pressganged

European media in general has been facing a dual threat for over a decade. On one side there are the illiberal governments, especially in Central and Southeast Europe, using increasingly sophisticated means to defenestrate the independent media, while on the other side are the tech giants eating into the traditional media's business.

New Record for the Number of Journalists Worldwide that are Behind Bars

The number of journalists around the world behind bars has reached its highest level in 2021, according to a new study by the non-profit organization Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ), Reuters reported. The report states that as of December 1 this year, 293 reporters are in prison.