French cuisine

Greek truffles can now be sniffed out at top restaurants in the US

Greek truffles, one of the most expensive commodities on the international market, are quietly winning over aficionados around the world.

Although commercial activity in Greece is still in the fairly early stages, the country's truffles have started attracting connoisseurs of international gastronomy and are slowly but steadily reaching important markets abroad.

Alla franca versus alla turca

Imagine a feast featuring a myriad of dishes bearing names such as potage crème royale, burek, paupiette à la reine, croustade de foie gras à la Lucullus, kebab du Savoy, Ali Pasha pilaf. A chef’s confusion at its finest? Maybe not, but such a feast surely gives clues about the mode of an era. These were some of the dishes that were served at banquets in the last era of the Ottoman Palace.

Putin facepalm! Minister talks about exporting pork to Muslim country! (hilarious video)

Russian president Vladimir Putin could not help laughing when Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachov mentioned exporting pork to Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country. During the October 13 meeting on the development of agriculture, Tkachov proposed increasing pork meat exports to Asia. “They (Germany) send half their pork to export.

Bird Flu: 63 Locations of Infections in Bulgaria

The number of locations where bird flu cases have been registered has risen to 63, officials say.

As many as 430 000 birds have been infected, most of them having been culled already, according to outgoing Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva.

Most of the locations, based in 9 regions in the country, are in the area of Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city.