Greek Аuthorities Seized Over 400 Tons of Harmful Food Imported From Turkey Today

According to the Greek press, the import of food includes dried nuts to fruits and vegetables.

They contain chemical substances harmful to health. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency commented on BNT that regular inspections are being carried out on our territory and there are no data on detected dangerous food at this stage.

Turkish ministry releases millions of bugs into forests to prevent harmful insects

The Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry has released millions of bugs into forests in a bid to prevent other harmful insects from damaging trees. 

Different species of bugs were developed in a total of 51 laboratories formed by the ministry, before around 13 million "terminator bugs" were released into nature, daily Habertürk reported on June 30.

Strawberry producers in Silifke aim to boost exports amid Russia difficulties

Strawberry producers in the Silifke district of the southern province of Mersin, home to 40 percent of the strawberry production in Turkey, are hoping to increase their exports, which have been decreasing for the last couple of years particularly due to difficulties in the Russian market.

The hidden secret of the cherry

Who does not like cherries? Luscious and lush, the cherry is undoubtedly the most attractive of all the fruits. Everywhere in the world, cherry-picking time is a joy, a true manifestation of summer. Cherries belong to June and its appearance is always an early celebration of a bountiful summer. 

New Grape Varieties Released by a Bulgarian Institute in Rousse

Two new wine grape varieties were developed and released by the "Obraztsov Chiflik" Institute of Agriculture and Seeds in Bulgarian city of Rousse (on the Danube river) in the past year, according to BNT.

The new grape varieties are of excellent qualities, and the scientists hope to be well received by farmers.