Tangy Tangerine

The citrus world surely fascinates all us human beings. I have a particular fondness to all kinds of citrus; the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess is the ideal taste combination a fruit should have, but it is the haunting smell of the peel that makes all citrus irresistible. The winner in the citrus family must be the tangerine, the reddish orange variety of mandarin oranges. 

Ficus Indica

Barbed bulbs of taste, they are?  Spiny, spiky, threatening outside; succulent honey-like flesh inside? One of the most underestimated late summer Mediterranean fruits must surely be the cactus fruit. The ripened fruits are sold in street carts in southern towns like Adana, Antalya, Mersin, Tarsus and others.

Farmers stand guard to protect watermelons before 'beauty contest' in Turkey's southeast

Producers of Turkey?s most delicious and biggest watermelon species are standing guard in their fields to prevent harm from befalling their produce ahead of next month?s watermelon ?beauty contest? in the southeastern province of Diyarbak?r. 

Prima Ficus

The fig has to be the first fruit ever. Don't say that it was the apple, referring to the incontestable Adam and Eve story, and even if the seductive fruit was the apple, it was fig leaves the couple used to clad the crucial areas of their bodies. So even if the fig was not the first fruit, fig leaves were surely the first clothing ever.

Chemically-scented strawberries seized in ?zmir market

Municipality police seized strawberries that were sprayed with chemical fragrance so as to smell better at the Bostanl? market in the Aegean province of ?zmir.

The Kar??yaka District Municipality received a tip-off that a fruit seller had sprayed strawberry extract on his products, ?so they could smell good.?

Leaders of healthy snacks gather in Antalya

Leading figures in the world of healthy snack foods came together in Antalya at the 34th World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress on May 22-24. Around 1,000 food professionals from 61 countries, including Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, discussed the indispensable role of nut products and dried fruits in healthier diets across the world. 

Snowy almonds

Almond blossoms are among the first to prelude the joyous spirit of spring in the air. Following the almond blossoms, plum trees burst into full bloom, soon to be followed by the adorable cherry flowers. Apricot, peach and quince trees soon join the rite of spring with all blossoms culminating in a sweet-scented visual symphony.