ATHEX: German article boosts local stock prices

A Der Spiegel magazine report suggesting the International Monetary Fund plans to enter the Greek bailout program with up to 5 billion euros, offered a boost to Greek stocks at the end of the week, leading to significant gains across the board on the local bourse.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 639.46 points, adding 1.60 percent to Thursday's 629.36 points.

ATHEX: Banks and PPC lead stock price decline

Bank stocks and PPC led Wednesday's price slump in the Greek stock market, though the fears of a continued deadlock in talks between Athens and its creditors through spring were somewhat contained by statements from European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici in Athens. This led to a stop-loss move in the last hour of trading, but market concerns remain.

ATHEX: Stocks rally on hopes of breakthrough

The prospect of an agreement between Athens and its creditors in Brussels on Friday fueled stock prices at Athinon Avenue and went some way toward dispelling the sense of despair that had culminated on Thursday. Bank investors finally had something positive to act on, leading the credit sector stocks to a rise of 6.61 percent. However, it wasn't enough to offset all of the week's losses.