ATHEX: Small decline on bourse as turnover drops

Greece's bourse index came down from a six-week high to record moderate losses on Tuesday, but listed companies are mainly focused on the two-day London roadshow they are launching on Wednesday, with the participation of Finance Minister Christos Staikouras on Thursday. That may also explain the fresh slump in turnover on Tuesday.

ATHEX: Weekly losses contained by Friday’s stock advance

The benchmark of the Greek stock market contained its weekly losses on Friday, but failed to avert its first week in the red after three weeks of gains. Friday's Eurogroup offered traders nothing new in the way of fresh momentum, as it is a widely shared view that the primary surplus targets can only be tweaked after 2020, as European Stability Mechanism head Klaus Regling conceded.

ATHEX: Bourse index slides back to 850 points

Unimpressed by the announcements of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, traders on the Greek bourse put fresh pressure on stock prices on Thursday, with banks ending the rising course observed over the previous couple of days, in line with most other European markets. The local market appears unhappy with the various announcements about share capital increases.