ATHEX: Small rise for Greek stocks

The majority of Greek stocks posted gains on Thursday, in anticipation of positive news from the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels. The optimism, however, did not extend to banks.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index ended at 660.59 points, adding 0.21 percent to Wednesday's 659.19 points.

ATHEX: Week shaves 2 pct off index

This time the main index of the Greek stock market lost its grip on the 640-point level on Friday, posting losses of just over half a percentage point at the end of the session on prolonged uncertainty regarding the completion of the second bailout review and the participation of the International Monetary Fund in the Greek program.

ATHEX: Stock market still in search of direction

The Greek stock market had a mixed session on Tuesday, in line with most of its European peers, with the majority of stocks posting gains while the benchmark and blue chips declined for a third day in a row. Trading volume remained very low, with observers fearing the Athens bourse has attracted the law of gravity that affects markets deprived of any significant news to keep them going.

ATHEX: Stocks slump on problems with review

The complete lack of progress recorded by Thursday's Euro Working Group and the confusion generated by Germany's Finance Ministry as to whether a new bailout agreement may be on the way created the conditions for a proper Friday-the-13th session on the Greek bourse on Friday, during which the vast majority of stocks took a dive.