US Airline is Beginning to Use Fuel Made from Recycled Garbage

US air carrier JetBlue is beginning to use recycled fuel to cause less environmental damage. The innovative solution is part of a major plan by the company to support nature conservation, writes BBC.

JetBlue has announced that they'll carbon offset all of their domestic flights as of July 2020.

Bulgarian National Assembly Adopted at First Reading Amendments to the Clean Air Act

MPs have raised demands on the quality of solid fuels used for domestic heating - mainly coal and briquettes. This is voted by the National Assembly with the amendments to the Clean Air Act at first reading.

There will be control over their  storage and distribution. The sanction regime for the mayors of municipalities is also expanding.

100 Companies are Responsible for 71% of Global Emissions

About 100 companies have been responsible for about 71% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

That's according to a new report from climate change non-profit CDP in conjunction with the Climate Accountability Institute. The report hopes to highlight the role such companies, and their investors, play in Climate Change.

An Increase by 3.7% is Reported For the Production of Electricity For June 2017

In June 2017 compared to May 2017 an increase is reported for the production of:

 electricity - by 3.7% to 3 324 GWh, according to data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

A decrease is reported for the production of:

 solid fuels - by 12.8% to 2 483 thousand tonnes;

 liquefied petroleum gases - by 9.1% to 10 thousand tonnes;