Fuel gas

NSI: Production of Fuels, Natural Gas, and Electricity Decreases in January 2017

In January 2017 compared to December 2016, there was a decrease reported in the production of solid fuels - by 5.0% to 3,328 thousand T; of unleaded gasoline - by 8.3% to 165 thousand T; diesel fuel - by 6.9% to 256 thousand T; natural gas - by 20.0% to 12 million m3; electricity - by 10.8% to 4,056 GWh.

US LNG exports shift to Europe from Asia

US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters have shifted their focus to Southern Europe from Asia as cold weather and problems with Algerian gas supply have driven Europe's gas prices higher.

Gas prices in Europe are at their highest premiums to US gas prices for three years.

Several cargoes have already made their way to Europe, and analysts expect more to come.