Bosnians Fear Knock-on Effect of Gas Price Hike

Bosnia and Herzegovina will hike the retail price of fuel as of February 1, the first increase of this year.

A new Excise Law, adopted in mid-December, after almost a year of the negotiations, long debates in parliament and amid resistance from opposition parties, came into force at the beginning of January.

Biofuels phase-out will raise demand for feed imports, industry warns

Biofuels in the EU are deeply intertwined with global food and feed markets. As the EU discusses its future biofuels policy, their contribution to the bloc’s animal feed supply and impact on food prices have emerged as major battlegrounds between supporters and critics.

Ukraine to start receiving coal from US for first time

The United States is set to start shipping coal to Ukraine for the first time under a "historic" deal announced on July 31 that should help the crisis-hit nation end reliance on Russia.

The agreement inked earlier this month by U.S. firm Xcoal Energy & Resources and Ukraine's state-owned energy firm Centrenergo will see some 700,000 tons of coal delivered by the end of the year.