Bulgarian Watchdog Orders Market Withdrawal of 10 000 Liters of Diesel Fuel

10 000 liters of diesel fuel have been withdrawn from the market following inspections by a regional unit of Bulgaria's State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance at filling stations on the territory of the Silistra municipality.

The inspections were conducted in the period June 22-25, according to a media statement of the Agency.

Rodin Traicu: At 4 million euros per MW installed in biogas there is no profitable investment in Romania

Investments in biogas are not profitable in Romania at a 4 million euro cost per MW installed, Deputy Rodin Traicu, member of the committee on industries and services, said on Thursday.

Deputy Rodin Traicu, member of the Committee on industries and services

Zoe Constantopoulou verbally abuses gas station worker

The owner of a gas station in the town of Edipsos on Evia on Tuesday confirmed reports regarding two incidents involving Parliament Speaker Zoe Constantopoulou over the Greek Orthodox Easter weekend.

According to reports in local media, Constantopoulou visited the gas station on Sunday and demanded that one of her vehicle?s tires be replaced.

Police release name, photos of woman wanted in connection with Xeros

Police released on Saturday the name and photographs of the young woman who allegedly aided November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros before he was recaptured earlier this month.

The woman was identified as 22-year-old Angeliki Spyropoulou.

Police published 33 photos of the suspect, one from her identity card and the rest from CCTV cameras.

Croatia to Fine Gas Stations Selling Dodgy Fuel

The results of two-week state inspection of gas quality on Croatian gas stations have revealed that 10 per cent of the analyzed fuel was not up to standards and could potentially cause vehicles to malfunction.

Low-quality fuel was on sale at gas stations in the capital, Zagreb, but also in the cities of Split, Osijek and Varazdin.

Turkey plans to increase coal powered electricity production

The Turkish government plans to double its electricity production with coal power in 2018, which will include a policy that will increase the country’s coal production.

Turkey produced 32 billion kwH of electricity with coal power plants in 2013 and plans to increase this amount to 57 billion kwh in 2018, as part of its new economy plans.