Around 4% of recipients will have to repay Covid-related state aid

Ljubljana – During the Covid-19 epidemic, companies received various forms of state aid. Some were not so badly affected and will now have to repay the received subsidies. According to an estimate by the Slovenian Financial Administration (FURS), this amounts to just under EUR 90 million, just over 4% of the total amount paid out.

Finance wonders what will happen as state aid schemes expire

Ljubljana – Finance says on Monday that true picture of the economy will soon show as subsidised furlough and monthly universal basic income expire at the end of June being probably one of the two key state measures to fight the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. There are some concerns, which is understandable, it adds.

Partial wage subsidy for furloughed workers extended into May

Ljubljana – Partial wage subsidy for furloughed workers has been extended into May. This is a measure to reduce the risk of companies deciding to lay off workers as they face a reduced demand or negative shocks in productivity related to the Covid-19 epidemic, the government has said.

Govt extends some stimulus measures until end of June

Ljubljana – The government has extended several measures aimed at helping individuals and businesses get through the epidemic. The measures would have expired at the end of the month, but have now been extended until the end of June. The furlough scheme, which expires at the end of April, has not be extended yet.

Trade union points to dire situation in hospitality

Ljubljana – The Trade Union of Hospitality and Tourism has made another stern appeal to the government to help the sector during the epidemic, including by a reasonable easing of coronavirus restrictions across the country, by increasing subsides for furloughed workers and expanding the use of tourist vouchers beyond accommodation facilities.

New commuting papers needed

All workers in Attica, Patra, Halkida, Rethymno and other areas of the country under strict lockdown will need to have with them new documents proving their employment as of Monday, as the state intends to crack down on people going out for reasons other than work despite the measures against the pandemic.

MPs debating eighth economic stimulus bill

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Labour Committee is discussing the eighth economic stimulus bill, worth around EUR 320 million. Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj said that with the bill, the government wanted to find the middle ground with social partners by taking into account their proposals as much as possible.

Committee to discuss new corona crisis stimulus bill

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Labour Committee is expected to approve the new coronavirus crisis stimulus bill on Monday. The government-proposed bill brings EUR 320 million in aid, with employers eagerly awaiting the extension of the furlough subsidy scheme and partial cover of new expenses arising with the increase in minimum pay.