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EU-Turkey relations: Op-ed

With the latest worrying developments in the international scene, I believe it is time for the EU to rethink its policy approach towards Turkey. Both Turkey and the EU face the same difficulties, especially at the moment in the Middle East.

A wake-up call for the EU

The surge in Middle East tensions, combined with a dynamic Russian presence and growing Turkish aggression, provides a unique opportunity for the European Union to show that it will not allow itself to be blown about like a feather on the winds of others' actions.

Ex-envoy: Brexit will be bad for everyone, including Turkey

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union is a bad decision for the British, the union, and everyone else including Turkey, according to a retired Turkish diplomat.
"The U.K. has traditionally been one of the most forceful supporters of Turkish integration with the EU," Selim Kuneralp has told Hürriyet Daily News.