WSJ: US FinMin urges Europeans to cooperate with Greece

According to Wall Street Journal, US Minister of Finance Jacob Lew from the G20 team meeting, urges Europeans to cooperate with Greece.

According to the report,”the impasse in negotiations (for Greece) causes fear among Ministers of finance and central bankers of the D20 Group countries of major economies, at their meeting in Istanbul”.

Schaeuble’s miffed: ‘If they don’t want my help, so be it’

“Nobody forced Greece to enter a fiscal aid program”, German FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble roared during the G20 meeting in Istanbul, fondly known as Constantinople during the Byzantine millennium.


Schaeuble said he does not yet understand how the new Greek government will be able to handle its problems.


First Muslim-majority country to chair the G20

In 2012, Mexico was the first emerging economy to lead the G20. So Turkey is not the first. But those out there with unhealthy ?first time ever? obsessions can take solace in Turkey being the first Muslim-majority country to chair the G20. This is one more ?first time ever? for you. No one says it out loud, but I can see it in their eyes ?

Why I did not attend PM's Davos chat with the media

Participants in the annual Davos meetings, organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF), gather under several groups. One of these groups participates as ?world media leaders.? Eight years ago, they selected 100 media leaders from around the world based on a survey they held, after which they invited them every year. I was one of them.