Gallup International: 69% of the Bulgarians Believe they or One of their Family Members will be Infected by the Coronavirus

A Gallup International survey shows that nearly 77% of the Bulgarians support the measures introduced by the government and the task force to combat the coronavirus.

69% believe they or one of their family members will be infected by the coronavirus. On the contrary, 55% of the surveyed believe the threat of the new coronavirus is exaggerated.

78% of Bulgarians are Ready to Sacrifice some of their Human Rights to Deal with the Coronavirus

The government's response to the virus continues to be praised. However, concerns about jobs continue to grow. Bulgarians take the threat of infection more seriously, but they remain reluctant to exaggerate its significance.

Every Third Bulgarian Expects a Better 2020

Every third Bulgarian expects a better 2020 than the previous, 2019. These numbers are according to a poll conducted by the Gallup International poll agency.

Globally, Bulgaria is close to the average of optimism. However, when it comes to personal happiness, we are still in the extreme places of the charts, sociologists comment.

Gallup First Exit Poll Results: Ivan Portnih Is the New Mayor of Varna

Most of the voters in Varna preferred their new mayor to be Ivan Portnih. 60.8% of the inhabitants of Bulgaria's maritime capital voted for it. The other candidate for the run-off, Kostadin Kostadinov, gained 35.1% of Varna citizens' votes, according to a Gallup poll commissioned by Nova TV.

Gallup First Forecast Results of Today's Run-Off: Yordanka Fandakova Wins a New Term as Mayor of Sofia

Yordanka Fandakova wins a new term as mayor of Sofia. This is indicated by the first forecast results of today's run-off. In the second round, GERB's candidate received 50.09% of the vote, while rival Maya Manolova received the vote of 42% of the city's citizens, according to a poll by Gallup commissioned by Nova TV.

Gallup International: 600,000 Bulgarians Admit that they Would Sell their vote

Over 600,000 Bulgarians admit that they would vote under pressure or if they receive financial stimulus, a survey of Gallup International shows.

Between BGN 150 and BGN 200 have been offered to certain voters in different parts of the country, according to rumours.

GERB Wins the European Parliament Election, 5 Parties Pass the Barrier

GERB wins the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria.

According to the Gallup International  at 19:00, the ruling party receives 30.5% of the vote. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is in second place with 25.4 and the third place is the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 12.8.