Election Day in Bulgaria: Exit Polls Show Victory for GERB, Slavi’s Party Outruns BSP

GERB, There Is Such a People, BSP, MRF, Democratic Bulgaria, Stand Up, Mafiosi out, VMRO. Such is the "order of appearance" of the parties and coalitions that will surely enter the new, 45th National Assembly, according to the Gallup exit polls. However, the percentages received mean nothing so far because they are unofficial.

Gallup International Balkan: One-Third of Bulgarian Have Already Had Covid-19

A large number of Bulgarians seem to have already been exposed to COVID-19 and recovered. That's according to opinion polls by Gallup International Balkan.

The data are from an independent face-to-face survey, part of the agency's regular program. The survey was conducted 4-12 February among 1,011 adult Bulgarians across the country.

Less Than 20 Percent of Bulgarians Believe in Fair Election

Only 19% of Bulgarians believe that this country is governed according to the will of the people and 74% are of the opposite opinion, 6% do not give a specific answer. There has been no significant change in this regard in the past few years, according to the latest global Voice of the People (VOP) survey by the Gallup International Association at the end of 2020.

Gallup International: Five Parties Will Be in Bulgarian Parliament for Sure

Five parties will enter the next parliament for sure and for the other two the election campaign will be crucial, according to data of a Gallup International poll conducted among 1,010 people between January 7 and 15. Parliamentary elections are scheduled by President Rumen Radev for April 4.

Gallup International: 69% of the Bulgarians Believe they or One of their Family Members will be Infected by the Coronavirus

A Gallup International survey shows that nearly 77% of the Bulgarians support the measures introduced by the government and the task force to combat the coronavirus.

69% believe they or one of their family members will be infected by the coronavirus. On the contrary, 55% of the surveyed believe the threat of the new coronavirus is exaggerated.

78% of Bulgarians are Ready to Sacrifice some of their Human Rights to Deal with the Coronavirus

The government's response to the virus continues to be praised. However, concerns about jobs continue to grow. Bulgarians take the threat of infection more seriously, but they remain reluctant to exaggerate its significance.