Former Executive Director of Irrigation Systems EAD Charged with Malfeasance in Office

The Prosecuting Magistracy charged former executive director of Irrigation Systems EAD Dimitar Ivanov with inflicting BGN 2,986,355  detriment on the state-owned company resulting from the conclusion of four disadvantageous contracts for legal services between November 2013 and November 2014, and embezzling BGN 6,056  in the form of a mobile handset and two laptop computers.

Three Nominees for Bulgarian President Linked to Former State Security

Three of the candidates for president, which the Central Election Commission admitted to the race, have been associated with the former Committee for State Security, reported

Krasimir Karakachanov is the candidate of the United Patriots - NFSB, VMRO and Ataka. He worked as an agent (code name Ivan) for Directorate 6 for combating Ideological diversion of State Security.

Specialized Prosecutor's Office Resubmits Indictment against Businessman Grisha Ganchev

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office has for the second time submitted to court an indictment against businessman Grisha Ganchev and nine other people for participation in a criminal group specialized in tax crimes.

The prosecuting authority believes that Ganchev masterminded the group.