Beyond policing

Soccer-related violence is not just a police issue. It is the business of several state agencies as well as the various bodies involved in the sport in order to dismantle the gangs that operate under the cover of a club jersey. 

No new laws or proclamations are required. The problem and its roots are well known. All that is required now is political will.

One arrested, five sought in connection with Mykonos house robberies

Police arrested one man and were searching for five more believed to be members of a criminal ring that broke into luxury houses and villas on the island of Mykonos. 

Officers detained a 34-year-old Albanian and opened a case against a 41-year-old Albanian, a 27-year-old Greek and three more unidentified individuals.  

Brazen lawlessness

The daily strikes of organized crime networks are signs of a brazenness that can only be attributed to a sense of impunity on the part of these gangs.

The organized state is not allowed to continue to remain idle. It is also not acceptable that enforcement of the law and other core functions of the state should be suspended during the pre-election period

Migrant trafficking seen behind clash in central Thessaloniki

A 31-year-old Iraqi man was injured during an altercation between an undisclosed number of foreign nationals at midnight on Wednesday in Antigonidis Square, in downtown Thessaloniki. 

Two Syrian nationals were arrested for possessing items such as a wooden bat but no involvement in the incident has been established. 

Montenegro Senior Police Official Arrested for Alleged Crime Ties

Montenegrin police director assistant Dejan Knezevic in his office in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Knezevic was arrested as part of a large-scale investigation of police links with the notorious Kavac drug gang, which has led to 12 current and ex-police officers' arrests and to national warrants for the arrest of three others.

State within a state

It has been obvious for years that the network of interests which developed in regions of Greece with excessive tourism has also spread its tentacles in the underworld.

Financial crime is now also linked to common crime.

Gang arrested after carrying out at least 72 sneak burglaries

A gang suspected of burgling at least 72 homes in different parts of the Greek capital since last February has been broken up by the Greek police with the arrest of 15 suspects, the force said in an announcement on Tuesday.

According to investigators, the gang is believed to have made off with cash and valuables worth an estimated 1 million euros in the past year.