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ATHEX: December, the fifth straight month of drop for stocks

A year of losses ended on Monday at the Greek bourse on a high note, as the benchmark advanced by almost 10 points albeit on a very low turnover. However this has only marginally contained the loss of some 9 billion euros from the local market's capitalization in the course of 2018, when listed banks saw their value cut in half.

ATHEX: Bank stocks stage rebound, adding 8.1 pct

Oversold bank stocks staged a remarkable rebound in Thursday's bourse session, with Alpha and National announcing a return to profit in July-September at the end of the trading day. The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) was also buoyed by rallying international markets, the drop in Greek bond yields and a favorable report by Moody's on the Bank of Greece proposal for slashing bad loans.

ATHEX: Uncertainty dominates stock market

Jitters over the upcoming rebalancing of the MSCI index and various domestic and international uncertainties were still in evidence on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) on Wednesday. The picture that emerged pointed to quite negative medium-term prospects for Greek stocks should traders' fears of instability abroad materialize.