Gender equality

North Macedonia’s Women Reporters Know How to Handle Sexism

From: "That brunette had a great question" to: "Wouldn't it be better for to find a job from 9 to 5 - so you know when you're coming home and can plan your time, like everybody 'normal'?" to: "Make a career? Nonsense! Get a hold of yourself, look after your children and your man!", this is the range of observations that many women journalists hear in North Macedonia.

For Montenegro’s Female Journalists, Equality is a Myth

As a result, I was condemned by the community and subjected to a torrent of insults and name-calling because I was a woman violating the customary rules.

I was threatened with guns and rape, which I duly reported to the police, who duly failed to react. Those were the years of war heroes and brave men, and women were important only because they bore sons who would go into war.