Son-in-law diplomacy

A high-stakes bargaining game is currently in progress over the fate of the US-made F-35 fighter jets and Russian-made S-400 missile systems ordered by Turkey. We are keenly anticipating how this will all end. We are living in different times to the days when decisions in the United States were taken by bureaucrats and competent state officials.

Novartis file takes aim at former health minister

A section of the case file on the alleged Novartis bribery scandal that prosecutors forwarded to Parliament to request that the immunity of former health minister Andreas Loverdos be lifted includes testimony by protected witnesses who claim that the politician was bribed to inform the company of an imminent haircut on Greek state bonds at the peak of the debt crisis.

The Bulgarian who Fell from a Bridge in Beijing: What Happened, the Worries and What Follows

The Bulgarian, who suffered severely a month ago after falling from a bridge in Beijing, is already recovering, but he will have a long and serious rehabilitation, which will require more than the donations he has collected so far. This was told to Darik by Vesselin Naydenov, a friend of 31-year-old Nikolay Marinov, who underwent two life-saving surgeries after the incident Chinese capital.