The Bulgarian National Museum of History Displays Rare Exhibits to Celebrate 140 Years of the Constituent Assembly

The National Museum of History (NMH) marks the 140th anniversary of the adoption of the Turnovo Constitution (1879), showing a number of objects for its permanent exposure, which were for the first time or rarely displayed. This was reported by the press center of the museum.

Injury of doctor in hospital elevator fall prompts complaints

The Medical Association of Athens (ISA) and the union of Greek hospital workers, known by its acronym POEDIN, have complained following the injury of a doctor at the Ippokrateio hospital when the elevator he was in plunged several floors.

The ISA referred to an "unprecedented incident which points to the collapse of the National Health Service due to underfunding and understaffing."

Students protest over climate change

Greek students holding placards and shouting slogans take part in a "youth strike to act on climate change" demonstration in front of Parliament in Athens, Friday. Thousands of students around the globe, mobilized by word of mouth and social media, skipped class to demonstrate the failure of political elites to take action against global warming.

Trump's daughter parties in Belgrade/VIDEO

She is the president's child from his former marriage to Marla Maples.

Tiffany Trump, who is 25, goes to law school, and is also modeling, Serbian media reported on Monday, adding that she would spend about a dozen days in the Serbian capital.
Tiffany, who arrived here with her boyfriend, spent Monday evening partying with friends in Belgrade's bohemian Skadarlija district:

Scandinavian travelers’ impressions of Greece showcased at Nordic Library

For the Swedish orientalist and Greek philologist Jakob Jonas Bjornstahl - the first known Scandinavian traveler to visit Greece, in 1779 - Thessaly and the Vale of Tempe in the winter felt just like home. And in 1878, Finnish architect, writer and artist Jac Ahrenberg was surprised to find that Athens reminded him of cities back in his own country in many ways.