Bosnian Serb General Radislav Krstic Denied Early Release

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague has again rejected a request for early release filed by Radislav Krstic, the wartime commander of the Bosnian Serb Army's Drina Corps, who was convicted in 2004 of aiding and abetting genocide.

In February this year, Krstic asked to be released early on the basis of the law in Poland, where he is serving his sentence.

Hague Rejects Karadzic’s Plea to Reconsider Denial of Appeal

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals on Wednesday denied Radovan Karadzic's motion for an appeal chamber to be appointed at the Hague court to decide on his request to review a previous decision that rejected his appeal against the final verdict in his trial sentencing him to life in prison.

Hague Prosecutor Criticises Serbian Politicians for Genocide Denial

The chief prosecutor at the UN-backed Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, Serge Brammertz, told the UN Security Council in New York on Wednesday that comments by two Serbian politicians on last week's 24th anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide were intolerable.

Bosnian Serb Police Chief: Srebrenica Must Not Be Denied

"I will say what others will not. No one has the right to say that this crime did not happen."

These are the words of Goran Saric, the former commander of Republika Srpska's special police brigade, who was acquitted last November by the Bosnian state court of genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995.

UN Tribunal Chief: Genocide Deniers Should be Prosecuted

UN tribunal chief Carmel Agius told a conference entitled 'Stop Genocide and Holocaust Denial' in Sarajevo on Thursday that denial of genocide is unacceptable and those who do it should be prosecuted.

"We must always respond by strongly condemning those who deny it," Agius said.

"It is time to start a big cultural attack. People who deny genocide must be uncovered," he added.