Greenland's Largest Airport Is Closing due to Climate Change

Greenland's largest airport will be closed due to climate change. The airport north of the capital Nuuk serves 11,000 aircraft annually and serves as a base for travel across the vast island.

The reason for the closure is the melting of the permafrost. The ever-frozen ground on which the airport was built began to melt from the higher temperatures. This causes cracks.

Rumen Radev: For 30 Years the Bulgarian Polar Explorers Created a Small Bulgaria on the Ice Continent

2019 marks the 30-year presence of the Bulgarian science in the exploration of the Ice continent. Together with world powers Bulgaria reaffirmed itself as one of the leading researchers in the exploration of Antarctica.

Six Times More Antarctica Ice is Melting Than 40 Years Ago

Italian authorities have closed two lanes and evacuated several mountain huts after experts warned that one of the glaciers of massive Mont Blanc could collapse. Experts watching the glacier estimate that since the end of August it has been sliding down at a speed of 50-60 cm per day. Authorities acknowledge that it is impossible to predict when the huge mass may collapse. 

Bulgaria Begins the Construction of a New Modern Antarctic Research Laboratory

This year Bulgaria begins the construction of a new modern Antarctic research laboratory. It will be located in the existing Bulgarian polar base. Our country has received the recognition to host the annual meeting of the Antarctic Program Managers' Council.

Journey to Macahel’s Plateau

Turkey's first and only biosphere reserve area under UNESCO protection, Macahel (also known as Camili) in the Black Sea province of Artvin's Borçka district, fascinates with its unique culture as well as untouched springs, naturally aged woods, endemic plants, historic mosques and the pure Caucasian honey bee.