Bulgaria Begins the Construction of a New Modern Antarctic Research Laboratory

This year Bulgaria begins the construction of a new modern Antarctic research laboratory. It will be located in the existing Bulgarian polar base. Our country has received the recognition to host the annual meeting of the Antarctic Program Managers' Council.

Journey to Macahel’s Plateau

Turkey's first and only biosphere reserve area under UNESCO protection, Macahel (also known as Camili) in the Black Sea province of Artvin's Borçka district, fascinates with its unique culture as well as untouched springs, naturally aged woods, endemic plants, historic mosques and the pure Caucasian honey bee.

New over € 5 million will be Invested in the Border Region Between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia

Over EUR 10.3 million have been invested since the start of the current programming period so far in the municipalities of the border region of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia under the cross-border cooperation program.

Bulgarian Parliament Adopted Changes to the Black Sea Coast Planning Act

Bulgaria's Parliament approved amendments to the Black Sea Coast Planning Act, which finally banned the deployment of tents, umbrellas, loungers and other beach accessories on the sand dunes, reports BNT. 

The new texts also ban the passage, parking and stay of vehicles on dunes, except in the case of permitted construction.

North Macedonia officials fine with prospect of ND government

North Macedonia officials appear confident that a political changeover in Greece, presaged by SYRIZA's resounding defeat in European elections, will not have too big an impact on the name settlement reached between Athens and Skopje a year ago, barring some setbacks on technical aspects of the deal.