Geography of Africa

Romanian sailor kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coasts is marine chief engineer from Constanta

One of the 12 sailors kidnapped Saturday morning on board of the Swiss Glarus off the coast of Nigeria is the marine chief engineer of the ship, a 60-year-old man from Constanta, according to the leader of the Free Trade Union of Romania's Navigators, Adrian Mihalcioiu.

Ghana Flooding Kills 34 During Heavy Rains

AFP - At least 34 people have died in northern Ghana during flooding caused by heavy rains and waters spilling from a dam in neighbouring Burkina Faso, relief agency officials said Thursday.

Bagre Dam is located on the White Volta river that begins in Burkina Faso and which converges with the Black Volta downstream and feeds into Lake Volta in southern Ghana.

South Sudan: Plane Crashes into Lake Yirol Killing 19

Nineteen people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed into a lake as it tried to land in thick fog in central South Sudan, reports say.

Only four people, including two children, survived the crash, said government official Taban Abel Aguek.

The victims include the pilot and co-pilot, a staff member of the Red Cross and an Anglican bishop, he told AFP.