Geography of Antarctica

Antarctica hides Earth’s history, says Turkish scientist

A scientist specializing in Arctic studies said research on Antarctica has shed light on global climate change as well as the Earth's history.

Burcu Özsoy, a member of Istanbul Technical University's Faculty of Maritime Studies and chairperson of the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center's Institute of Arctic Research, has been conducting studies on sea ice on the white continent.

Bulgarian Scientists have Discovered Antarctica Plants from the Ancient Continent of Gondwana

A Bulgarian team of geologists found Antarctica fossils of plants from the "youth" of our planet - proof that the white continent was once green.

One of the tasks to our Antarctic expedition was a detailed study of the rocks of Cape Hannah. It is 12.5 km straight from Hurd Peninsula, where the Bulgarian Antarctic Base "St. Kliment Ohridski" is located.

The President Handed the Bulgarian Flag of the New Expedition to Antarctica

"Bulgarian scientists, supported by the state, recognized the immense importance of Antarctica decades ago," said President Rumen Radev in his address to the members of the 26th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition days before the researchers left for the Bulgarian St. Kliment Ohridski Researchers' center on the Livingston Island.

The Enormous Iceberg Near Antarctica is now Moving in Open Sea

The huge iceberg, which a week ago separated from Antarctica, began to move to the open sea, world agencies reported.

The huge piece of ice weighs 1 trillion tons and has a size of 5800 sq. km.

The latest satellite images show that the distance between the iceberg and the ice of Antarctica is increasing. The photographs were taken with the Deimos 1 satellite.