Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

"There was no genocide in Srebrenica, this is a myth, resembling the one on Kosovo"

"They made a myth about Srebrenica around which the national identity of Bosniaks is being built. As the Serbs have a Kosovo myth, they make Srebrenica myth, because there is no serious nation without having its own myth," Dodik said in an interview published on Friday by the Banjaluka based newspaper Glas Srpske, carried by

"Strictly confidential letter" regarding Srebrenica disclosed

Until May 7, 1995, a significant amount of weapons were delivered to the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Srebrenica, which was then a demilitarized zone, by an air bridge, which was presented as exclusively humanitarian at the time, according to a confidential letter from the Bosnian Army Commander Rasim Delic, "Vecernje novosti" had insight in.

Bosnian Army Ex-Commander Atif Dudakovic Goes on Trial

Atif Dudakovic outside court. Photo: BIRN.

The trial of Atif Dudakovic opened on Monday at the Bosnian state court, with the former commander and 16 Bosnian Army soldiers accused of participating in a joint criminal enterprise aimed at removing the Serb population from the Bosanski Petrovac, Kljuc, Bosanska Krupa and Sanski Most areas during the Bosnian war.

Croatian Journalists Mourn Veteran Photographer Hrvoje Polan

"Suddenly, at the age of 48, the photojournalist Hrvoje Polan has left us. For nearly three decades, Hrvoje has been dealing with news and documentary photography," the Croatian Journalists' Association announced on Monday.

Polan worked for numerous newspapers and agencies, from satirical Croatian weekly magazine Feral Tribune to Reuters, before going freelance.