Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

After 17 Years of Investigation, No Charges Yet in Bosnian War Case

A criminal complaint about the murders of the four prisoners of war and two civilians was filed in 1998, and an investigation was opened seven years later, targeting three members of the People's Defence force of the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia, a separatist statelet that existed during the war between 1993 and 1995 with its 'capital' in Velika Kladusa.

‘Invisible’ Bosnian War Detention Sites Marked with Memorial Signs

The Centre for Non-Violent Action said that activists from the Marking Unmarked Sites of Suffering campaign put up temporary memorial signs in November at eight unmarked sites where detainees were kept in inhumane conditions, mentally, physically and sexual abused, beaten and made to do forced labour during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Srebrenica Genocide Convicts ‘Did Not See’ Any Executions

Ex-policemen Mendeljev Djuric and Petar Mitrovic, who have both been convicted of involvement in the Srebrenica genocide, told the war crimes trial of eight former Bosnian Serb special policeman at Belgrade Higher Court on Monday that they did not see any executions at an agricultural warehouse in the Bosnian village of Kravica in July 1995, even though they were both found guilty of participat

Bosnian Authorities Fail to Remove Murals of War Criminals

Former High Representative Valentin Inzko, who was the senior international official in Bosnia and Herzegovina, responsible for overseeing the continuing implementation of the peace deal that ended the 1992-95 war, said before his term in office ended in July this year that local authorities should remove such murals and graffiti from public spaces after he imposed legislation banning the glori

Izetbegović threatens war: "If people want to live, they must be ready to die"

"If people want to live, they must be ready to die, if they want peace, they must be ready for war. It would inevitably go first to Brcko, on the entity lines, and where the returnees are, because they would probably experience inconveniences, so we would have to protect them and the state, Brcko", said Izetbegovi.

Dragicevic Dismisses Discontinued Investigation as Empty Gesture

Davor Dragicevic's lawyer, Dragan Tolimir, confirmed to BIRN that he had received the Banja Luka prosecution's decision to discontinue the investigation against him on September 8.

Dragicevic himself said the decision meant little to him, as it has come after a three-year delay. "As far as I am concerned, the decision means nothing to me," he said.