Geography of Bulgaria

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Local Measures are being Introduced

Due to the growth of covid patients in Sredets and Sungurlare, partial closure has been introduced.

Social centers, pensioners' clubs, and kindergartens are closing their doors. In Sungurlare, they are also facing a health crisis - there are no doctors to treat the sick, and the number of patients has doubled.

Bulgaria: Disaster Situation in 3 Municipalities in Smolyan Region due to Torrential Rains

Three municipalities in Smolyan district are in a state of emergency due to cut roads due to rivers overflowing their banks. These are Rudozem, Nedelino and Borino. A partial state of emergency has also been declared for the Devin village of Trigrad.

Weather in Bulgaria: We will Hardly See any Sun in Sofia

The shortest days of the year are set and due to cloudy weather in Sofia we will hardly see the sun, predicts the climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev in his column in the morning block of bTV.

The weather in recent days is typical for December. In the east, however, temperatures are about 4 degrees higher than normal - in Burgas they enjoy early autumn, he said.

The Airport in Burgas reports 125% Growth of Passengers this Year

125% increase in passengers for this year compared to 2020 is reported at Burgas Airport.

In the conditions of a pandemic, the season is good, and new growth of foreign tourists is expected next year, mainly from markets such as Great Britain, said the director of the airport Georgi Chipilski.

Bulgarian Border: 30 Illegal Migrants were Detained in Lyaskovets

The number of illegal migrants detained by police on the streets of Lyaskovets in the evening yesterday and during the night reached 30. There are children among them. All have negative tests for Covid-19. They were interrogated with an interpreter and are to be transported to a refugee center.

The Bulgarian Army will Assist the Interior Ministry in Guarding the State Border

In fulfillment of the mission of the Armed Forces "Contribution to National Security in Peacetime" from 20.00 on November 1, 2021 over 350 servicemen with more than 40 units of equipment from the Land Forces provide assistance to the Ministry of Interior for the protection of Bulgarians - the Greek and the Bulgarian-Turkish state border.

Bulgarian Police Broke Up a Network for Issuing Fake Vaccination Certificates

Police smashed a network for issuing fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

The investigation started on October 13, when it was established that in the town of Veliko Tarnovo a person was offering fake Covid certificates at a price of BGN 500. An intermediary has also been identified, as well as several people who have benefited from the "service".