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41-Year-Old Man on Vacation at a Campsite Near Sozopol Tested Positive for COVID-19

A 41-year-old man was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Burgas Regional Hospital with a confirmed Covid-19 sample. He arrived from Sofia on vacation at a campsite near Sozopol. At the moment his condition is stable, specified Georgi Pazderov from RHI:

New Outbreak of COVID-19 in Two Companies in Stara Zagora

20 workers from two companies in Stara Zagora have tested positive for coronavirus, it became clear at a briefing of the Regional Anti-Epidemic Headquarters. Some of the people are from Nova Zagora. 11 are the cases on the territory of Stara Zagora region. 4 of the patients are in hospital, 3 have mild symptoms and are treated at home, four more are asymptomatic but with positive PCR tests.

Emergency Epidemic Situation in Bulgaria will be Prolonged due to a Boom of Infected people

Due to the complicated situation in Dospat, Sarnitsa and Sliven, it is necessary to prolong the emergency epidemic situation in the country. This was announced in Plovdiv by the Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev, quoted by BNT.

Only 8 Newly Infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria on May 29

Only 8 new cases of coronavirus were proven for the day, 3 of them were admitted to hospital.

They were found in the districts of Sofia (5 cases), Vidin (1 case), Pazardzhik (2 cases).

The most infected so far are in Sofia - 1043 people. The tests performed were 1725. The total number of infected is 2485.