Geography of Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Remarkable Roman Villa Discovered Near Dolna Kremena Village

Excavations of the Roman villa near the village of Dolna Kremena (Mezdra region) began in 1972, as a statue with two faces (the so-called Hermi- after the god Hermes) was discovered here. It is established that this is a classic-style villa with a rectangular plan and three wings, located around a large courtyard with a total area of 1340 sq.m.

Bulgaria: Four Illegal Migrants Found in TIR at Lesovo Border Checkpoint

Border guards found four illegal migrants hiding in TIR truck at the Lesovo Checkpoint, the Customs Agency reported. Yesterday a TIR track transporting furniture arrived at the point of entry into Bulgaria.  During the inspection of the truck, border police determined that the seal rope had been cut.

Fire Exchange in Bulgarian Black Sea City of Varna, Several People Killed

Several people were shot in an apartment on the first floor of a block on 105, Macedonia Street in Varna. The area has been cordoned off and a crime scene examination is underway. The police was alerted in the early afternoon after shots were heard from the apartment.

Council of Ministers Allocates Another BGN 2.5 Million for Churches and Monasteries in Bulgaria

The Council of Ministers allocated BGN 2.5 million for repairs, restoration and completion of temples in the country. The funds are designated for restoration activities in the Bachkovo and Troyan monasteries, for the renovation of the monastery "St. John the Baptist" in the village of Zhablyano, municipality. Zemen, for the church "St.

LIVE: Health Minister Presents the Order of Vaccination in Bulgaria

"Bulgaria's national vaccination plan has been developed by a working group together with specialists. WHO guidelines and Member States' plans have been used. It is compliant with the Bulgarian healthcare. It is dynamic and consistent with the situation ", announced the Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov.

Phases for vaccination of Bulgarian citizens have been developed.

A Tour of Sofia by Travel Diary - Greek traveling TV show

A Tour of Sofia by Travel Diary - Greek traveling TV show

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and one of the oldest and most historic cities in the Balkans. From the city's cathedral and St. George's Church to the Soviet Army monument and Boyana village on Mount Vitosha, Sofia has an equally rich and significant history as a wonderful and special natural landscape.